Collect 9 body parts to unlock
Formula None
Category Special
Workplaces None

Abomination is a type of gene.

This is a special gene that is unlocked by finding all 9 body parts of the Abomination gene during the Zombie Time event. When all body parts are collected, the Abomination can be created by completing the Ghost in the Machine mission at the Utopia HQ. Alternatively, players can bypass that mission for 5Mu. The Abomination gene cannot be gained by splicing other professions.

NOTE: All Professions that need the Abomination gene, or a result of the Abomination gene, etc., can ONLY be spliced when the Zombie Time event is active. This event is active during the first ten minutes of every hour until you have built the Dark Tower. When you do so, the event can be triggered manually at the Dark Tower at the cost of hearts.

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