Pixel People Wiki
Minor altarations
Professions Centaur, Minotaur, Cyclops
Production multiplier ×5
Lot size 4
Working time 5m
Special effect Animals Allowed
Building time 48h

Altar is a type of building.

"It's all but official that Utopium is organic in nature. It's constant use in splicing has caused it to mutate, giving rise to more variants and combinations than previously imagined. Even the Altar doesn't have they typical markings of Utopia Corp. sanctioned structure. While Scientists and Magicians argue over the significance of this phenomenon, every day clones are welcome to use its mystical powers to improve their quality of life by undergoing a Mutopium enhancement."

Special Ability[]

As of version 1.50, the Altar can be used to mutate a person to increase the person's productivity forever. Each mutation costs 1 Mutopium (upgrade the person from 1 cps to 2 cps) or 2 Mutopium (from 2 cps to 3 cps). The introduction of Mutopium also means that secret Animals can be created.


  • Description before version 1.50:
    • "This was never part of the plan. The Altar's memory signature is unlike anything any clone has ever pseudo-experienced. While residents are for the first time uncertain and concerned about the future, Scientists could not be more excited. Endless possibilities lie ahead. Only time will tell."
  • Before version 1.50, the Altar had no special function in the game and it remained a mystery in the world of Pixel People. But it was implied that a special function would be implemented for this building in a later update, as the Altar's former description as of version 1.30 reads:
    • "Mutation in progress. A time of miracles is at hand. When will the stars align?"