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Animals are randomly awarded when the player has activated 11 hearts. Heart rewards can also come in the form of coins or utopium, but only at early levels of the game.

Currently, there are 275 animals to be collected. It is possible to gain duplicate animals from a Surprise (from Hearts or the Animal Shelter) which factor into the missions system. 

Unlike people, who are normally found on the roads or near their job location, animals frequent tree-filled plots or land from your deco purchases.


There are six tiers, denoted by the background color of the animal's image. Tiers 1 and 2 can be rewarded randomly via Hearts or the Animal Shelter, 3 and up are spliced in the altar. In general, increasing Tiers use at least one animal from the previous Tier. Tier 3 will use at least one Tier 2, Tier 4 uses at least one Tier 3, and so on.

Normal Animals[]

These animals can be received from hearts and Animal Shelter, or crafted in the Altar.

Name Tier Categories Season Splicing 1 Splicing 2
Tabby Cat 1 Mammal, Cat, Pet, Small All Cat Cat
Tom Cat 1 Mammal, Cat, Pet, Small All Cat Cat
Tuxedo Cat 1 Mammal, Cat, Pet, Small All Cat Cat
Siamese Cat 1 Mammal, Cat, Pet, Small All Cat Cat
Calico 1 Mammal, Cat, Pet, Small All Cat Cat
Box Cat 1 Mammal, Cat, Pet, Small All Cat Cat
Corgi 1 Mammal, Dog, Pet, Special All Dog Dog
Alsatian 1 Mammal, Dog, Farm, Special All Dog Dog
Pug 1 Mammal, Dog, Pet, Special All Dog Dog
Golden Retriever 1 Mammal, Dog, Farm, Special All Dog Dog
Poodle 1 Mammal, Dog, Pet, Special All Dog Dog
Chow Chow 1 Mammal, Dog, Pet, Special All Dog Dog
Tortoise 1 Reptile, Pet, Small, Herbivore All Snail Snake
Snail 1 Mollusc, Small All Snake Tortoise
Parrot 1 Bird, Pet, Arboreal All Chicken Gummy Bear
Chameleon 1 Reptile, Arboreal All Tiger Toucan
Octopus 1 Mollusc, Aquatic, Special All Chimpanzee Trout
Snake 1 Reptile All Chameleon Platypus
Terrier 1 Dog, Special, Mammal All Dog Dog
Narwhal 1 Aquatic All Harp Seal Unicorn
Belgian Shepard 1 Mammal, Dog, Farm, Pet All Dog Dog
Pig 2 Mammal, Tasty, Farm, Special Harvest Hippopotamus Horse
Cow 2 Mammal, Tasty, Farm, Special, Herbivore, Strong Harvest Horse Chicken
Bull 2 Mammal, Farm, Special, Herbivore, Strong Harvest Cow Stag
Horse 2 Mammal, Farm, Special, Herbivore, Pet, Farm, Strong Harvest Cow Cheetah
Unicorn 2 Mammal, Mythical, Special, Strong Frost Horse Dodo
Zebra 2 Mammal, Special, Herbivore, Wild, Fast, Strong Swell Horse Panda
Donkey 2 Mammal, Farm, Herbivore, Strong Harvest Horse Pig
Camel 2 Mammal, Special, Wild, Herbivore, Fast, Strong Swell Llama Llama
Mousedeer 2 Mammal, Wild, Herbivore Thaw Mouse Moose
Llama 2 Mammal, Special, Herbivore, Strong Thaw Donkey Donkey
Moose 2 Mammal, Wild, Herbivore, Snow Frost Horse Goat
Hippopotamus 2 Mammal, Wild, Herbivore, Strong Swell Cow Walrus
Chicken 2 Bird, Tasty, Farm, Special, Small Harvest Parrot Pig
Duck 2 Bird, Tasty, Farm, Special, Small Swell Chicken Flamingo
Rabbit 2 Mammal, Farm, Special, Small, Pet, Fast Swell Mouse Cheetah
Elephant 2 Mammal, Wild, Herbivore, Strong Swell Cow Cow
Tiger 2 Mammal, Cat, Big Cat, Special, Wild, Carnivore Swell Zebra Tabby Cat
Lion 2 Mammal, Cat, Big Cat, Special, Wild, Carnivore, Fast Swell Tiger Tiger
Panther 2 Mammal, Cat, Big Cat, Wild, Carnivore,Arboreal Swell Bat Tiger
Cheetah 2 Mammal, Cat, Big Cat, Wid, Carnivore, Fast Swell Tiger Horse
Giraffe 2 Mammal, Wild, Herbivore, Fast Swell Horse Snake
Rhinoceros 2 Mammal, Wild, Herbivore, Strong Swell Hippopotamus Unicorn
Harp Seal 2 Mammal, Aquatic, Herbivore, Snow Frost Sea Lion Poodle
Walrus 2 Mammal, Aquatic, Special, Snow, Strong Frost Sea Lion Pug
Panda 2 Mammal, Wild, Strong Thaw Zebra Brown Bear
Polar Bear 2 Mammal, Bear, Wild, Carnivore, Snow Frost Brown Bear Harp Seal
Brown Bear 2 Mammal, Bear, Wild, Omnivore, Strong Thaw Wolf Bull
Sun Bear 2 Mammal, Bear, Wild, Omnivore Swell Brown Bear Camel
Koala 2 Mammal, Wild, Omnivore Thaw Brown Bear Squirrel
Gummy Bear 2 Mammal, Bear, Tasty, Mythical, Small Harvest Brown Bear Unicorn
Fox 2 Mammal, Wild, Carnivore Thaw Wolf Chow Chow
Wolf 2 Mammal, Special, Wild, Carnivore, Snow Frost Stag Dragon
Orangutan 2 Mammal, Primate, Wild, Omnivore, Arboreal Swell Brown Bear Octopus
Gorilla 2 Mammal, Primate, Wild, Omnivore, Arboreal, Strong Swell Chimpanzee Elephant
Chimpanzee 2 Mammal, Primate, Wild, Omnivore, Arboreal Swell Orangutan Octopus
Penguin 2 Bird, Aquatic, Snow Frost Toucan Polar Bear
Blue Whale 2 Mammal, Aquatic, Wild, Snow, Special Frost Elephant Elephant
Orca 2 Mammal, Aquatic, Wild, Snow, Carnivore Frost Blue Whale Panda
Owl 2 Bird, Small, Arboreal, Snow Thaw Chicken Bat
Macaw 2 Bird, Pet Arboreal Swell Parrot Parrot
Toucan 2 Bird, Arboreal Swell Parrot Rhinoceros
Eagle 2 Bird, Special, Fast Thaw Lion Parrot
Raccoon 2 Mammal, Omnivore Thaw Zebra Red Panda
Red Panda 2 Mammal, Arboreal Thaw Panda Fox
Goat 2 Mammal, Farm, Tasty, Herbivore Harvest Donkey Horse
Sheep 2 Mammal, Farm, Tasty, Herbivore Harvest Goat Poodle
Mouse 2 Mammal, Pet, Small Harvest Squirrel Snail
Spider 2 Insect, Small, Arboreal Harvest Snake Mouse
Bat 2 Mammal, Special, Small Harvest Owl Mouse
Dodo 2 Bird, Special Harvest Chicken Unicorn
Dragon 2 Reptile, Mythical, Special Frost Unicorn Snake
Stag 2 Mammal, Special, Herbivore, Wild Frost Moose Bull
Trout 2 Aquatic, Special, Small Harvest Mouse Blue Whale
Turkey 2 Bird, Farm, Tasty Harvest Chicken Pig
Squirrel 2 Mammal, Arboreal Thaw Mouse Fox
Flamingo 2 Bird Swell Duck Fox
Otter 2 Mammal, Aquatic Frost Trout Squirrel
Sea Lion 2 Mammal, Aquatic Frost Lion Otter
Hyena 2 Mammal, Wild, Carnivore, Scavenger Swell Lion Wolf
Crocodile 2 Reptile, Wild, Carnivore Swell Snake Chameleon
Platypus 2 Mammal, Aquatic Thaw Duck Eurasian Beaver
Fearful Owl 2 Bird, Small, Arboreal Harvest Owl Panther
Black Mare 2 Mammal, Herbivore, Fast, Strong Harvest Horse Panther
Raven 2 Bird, Small, Arboreal, Fast Harvest Toucan Bat
Black Spider 2 Insect, Small, Arboreal Harvest Spider Bat
Chocolate Rabbit 2 Mammal, Farm, Small, Pet, Fast Thaw Rabbit Gummy Bear
Mule Deer 2 Mammal, Wild, Herbivore Thaw Donkey Mousedeer
Golden Goose 2 Bird, Small Thaw Donkey Duck
White Bass 2 Aquatic, Small Thaw Harp Seal Trout
Mute Swan 2 Bird Swell Lovebird Duck
Lovebird 2 Bird, Small, Arboreal, Fast Swell Parrot Flamingo
Eurasian Beaver 2 Mammal, Aquatic Swell Mouse Platypus
French Angelfish 2 Aquatic, Small Swell White Bass Mute Swan
Arctic Fox 2 Mammal, Wild, Carnivore, Snow Frost Fox Polar Bear
Beluga Whale 2 Mammal, Aquatic, Wild, Snow Frost Blue Whale Polar Bear
Chinstrap Penguin 2 Bird, Aquatic Frost Penguin Penguin
Reindeer 2 Mammal, Special, Herbivore, Wild, Snow Frost Moose Moose

Secret Animals[]


These Animals can only be crafted in the Altar.

Name Tier Categories Formula 1 Formula 2
Pegasus 3 Mythical, Secret Horse Eagle
Gryphon 3 Mythical, Secret Lion Eagle
Phoenix 3 Mythical, Secret, Bird Dragon Flamingo
Hydra 3 Mythical, Secret Snake Cerberus
Cerberus 3 Mythical, Secret Wolf Dire Wolf
Oriental Dragon 3 Mythical, Secret Dragon Panda
Loch Ness Monster 3 Mythical, Secret Orca Snake
Yeti 3 Mythical, Secret Polar Bear Gorilla
Drop Bear 3 Mythical, Secret, Arboreal Koala Red Panda
Merlion 3 Mythical, Secret, Aquatic Lion Trout
Rocket Cat 3 Mythical, Secret, Cat Tom Cat Oriental Dragon
Cthulu 3 Mythical, Aquatic, Secret Octopus Dragon
Sabertooth 3 Carnivore, Extinct, Secret Tiger Elephant
Direwolf 3 Carnivore, Extinct, Secret, Snow Wolf Tiger
Sphinx 3 Mythical, Secret Lion Chimpanzee
Wooly Mammoth 3 Extinct, Secret Elephant Sheep
Chimera 3 Mythical, Secret Lion Goat
Chupacabra 3 Mythical, Secret Panther Crocodile
Hippogryph 3 Mythical, Secret Goat Eagle
Peacock 3 Bird, Wild, Fast Macaw Flamingo
Gecko 3 Reptile, Arboreal Crocodile Chameleon
Porcupine 3 Mammal, Wild, Herbivore Raccoon Tortoise
Carp 3 Aquatic, Small Trout Macaw
Pangolin 3 Mammal, Wild Tortoise Squirrel
Buffalo 3 Mammal, Farm, Herbivore, Strong Bull Brown Bear
Snakehead Fish 3 Aquatic, Carnivore Trout Snake
Weasel 3 Mammal, Wild, Arboreal, Fast Snake Squirrel
Ant 3 Insect, Small Spider Stag
Mole 3 Small, Wild Ant Squirrel
Rattlesnake 3 Reptile Snake Spider
Spider Monkey 3 Mammal, Primate, Wild, Omnivore, Arboreal Spider Chimpanzee
Ostrich 3 Bird, Wild Turkey Cheetah
Tasmanian Devil 3 Mammal, Carnivore, Wild, Small Hyena Koala
Lar Gibbon 3 Mammal, Primate, Wild, Omnivore, Arboreal Gorilla Red Panda
Three Toed Sloth 3 Mammal, Herbivore Snail Koala
Pigeon 3 Bird, Small Mouse Parrot
Black Rhinoceros 3 Extinct, Mammal, Wild, Herbivore, Strong Rhinoceros Black Mare
Flying Fox 3 Mammal, Wild, Small Squirrel Bat
Sperm Whale 3 Mammal, Aquatic, Wild Orca Bull
Humpback Whale 3 Mammal, Aquatic, Wild Dolphin Blue Whale
Puffin 3 Bird, Small, Wild Penguin Toucan
Wild Boar 3 Mammal, Wild, Omnivore Pig Bull
Tarantula 3 Wild, Small Spider Gorilla
Mongoose 3 Mammal, Aquatic, Wild Squirrel Tiger
Opossum 3 Mammal, Wild, Small, Omnivore Koala Squirrel
Pygmy Hippo 3 Mammal, Wild, Herbivore Hippo Pig
Python 3 Reptile Snake Elephant
Scape Goat 3 Raccoon Wolf
Sacred Cow 3 Secret, Farm Donkey Elephant
Cold Turkey 3 Secret, Bird Turkey Arctic Fox
Sausage Dog 3 Secret, Tasty Corgi Giraffe
Chamrosh 3 Belgian Sheperd Eagle
Bicorn 3 Mythical Cow Panther
Sha 3 Mythical Wolf Crocodile
Capricornus 3 Mythical Goat French Angelfish
Ratatoskr 3 Mythical Narwhal Squirrel
Afanc 3 Mythical Crocodile Eurasian Beaver
Dolphin 3 Mammal, Aquatic, Wild, Carnivore Orca Sea Lion
Electric Eel 4 Aquatic, Carnivore Snake Stingray
Stingray 4 Aquatic, Carnivore Scorpion Trout
Scorpion 4 Small, Wild, Carnivore Pangolin Spider
Toad 4 Reptile, Small Chameleon Snakehead Fish
Albatross 4 Buffalo Eagle
Giant Anteater 4 Elephant Mole
Kangaroo 4 Ostrich Squirrel
Sailfish 4 Aquatic, Carnivore Snakehead Fish Narwhal
Piranha 4 Aquatic, Carnivore, Fast, Small Carp Hyena
Vulture 4 Bird, Fast Piranha Turkey
Manatee 4 Cow Dolphin
Wooly Rhinoceros 4 Extinct, Mammal, Wild, Herbivore, Strong, Snow Wooly Mammoth Rhinoceros
Beringian Wolf 4 Extinct, Wild, Mammal, Snow Direwolf Arctic Fox
Monitor Lizard 4 Reptile Gecko Crocodile
Armadillo 4 Pangolin Snail
Gazelle 4 Mammal, Wild, Fast, Herbivore Stag Ostrich
Clownfish 4 Carp Zebra
Alligator 4 Crocodile Wild Boar
Pygmy Marmoset 4 Spider Monkey Squirrel
Pygmy Possum 4 Mammasl, Small, Omnivore Mouse Opossum
Seahorse 4 Horse Snakehead Fish
Humboldt Squid 4 Mollusc, Aquatic Octopus Sperm Whale
Drunken Monkey 4 Secret, Primate Moose Spider Monkey
Encantado 4 Mythical Dolphin Chameleon
Myrmecoleon 4 Ant Lion
Feng Huang 4 Hydra Peacock
Shug Monkey 4 Belgian Shepherd Spider Monkey
Buraq 4 Mythical Pegasus Sphinx
Hippocamp 4 Black Mare Seahorse
Mishipeshu 4 Mythical Panther Porcupine
Shachihoko 4 Mythical Carp Tiger
Bunyip 4 Mythical Sausage Dog Sea Lion
Shen 4 Mythical Snail Dragon
Taweret 4 Mythical Afanc Hippopotamus
Kobalt Kong 4 Blue Whale Yeti
Xuan Wu 4 Mythical Tortoise Rattlesnake
Taniwha 4 Mythical Beluga Whale Gecko
Wyvern Dragon Sha
Manta Ray Panda Stingray
Praying Mantis Scorpion Spider
Crab Scorpion Tortoise
Honey Bee Scorpion Parrot
Swallow 5 Bird, Small, Wild Pigeon Ant
Halibut 5 Mole Stingray
Lionfish 5 Carp Stingray
Komodo Dragon 5 Monitor Lizard Rattlesnake
Giant Centipede 5 Ant Scorpion
Bluefin Tuna 5 Aquatic, Tasty Sailfish Cow
Sunfish 5 Golden Goose Sailfish
Skunk 5 Humboldt Squid Raccoon
Anglerfish 5 Carp Humboldt Squid
Titanoboa 5 Beringian Wolf Python
Pizza Rat 5 Alligator Pigeon
Black Sheep 5 Pug Pygmy Possum
Kirin 5 Bicorn Wyvern
Peryton 5 Albatross Stag
Kelpie 5 Hippocamp Sphinx
Aqrabuamelu 5 Chimpanzee Scorpion
Cockatrice 5 Bat Feng Huang
Tengu 5 Buraq Chamrosh
Uchchaihshravas 5 Buraq Hydra
Manticore 5 Scorpion Sphinx
Ramidreju 5 Rattlesnake Weasel
Baku 5 Elephant Taweret
Cipactli 5 Mythical Toad Afanc
Peluda Mishipeshu Rattlesnake
Pelican Albatross Kangaroo
Hammerhead Shark Snakehead Fish Praying Mantis
Great White Shark Hammerhead Shark Polar Bear
Tiger Shark Hammerhead Shark Tiger
Hummingbird Honey Bee Swallow
Scarab Crab Honey Bee
Butterfly Honey Bee Peacock
Megalodon Great White Shark Sabretooth
Ladybird Lovebird Scarab
Stag Beetle Scarab Stag
Field Grasshopper Kangaroo Praying Mantis
Wasp Honey Bee Scorpion
King Cobra 6 Reptile Rattlesnake Humboldt Squid
Basking Shark 6 Great White Shark Hippopotamus
Whale Shark 6 Basking Shark Blue Whale
Pygmy Owl 6 Hummingbird Owl
Policy Hawk 6 Tengu Wild Boar
Program Bug 6 Mouse Stag Beetle
One Trick Pony 6 Secret, Herbivore Buraq Loch Ness Monster
Social Butterfly 6 Butterfly Golden Retriever
Top Dawg 6 Pug Ushi Oni
Bleached Hyena 6 Anansi Hyena
Cerynitis 6 Golden Goose Peryton
Tsuchigumo 6 Anansi Shachihoko
Anansi 6 Aqrabuamelu Black Spider
Simurgh 6 Chamrosh Cockatrice
Kutabe 6 Ratatoskr Ushi Oni
Ushi Oni 6 Bicorn Tsuchigumo
Adlet 6 Bunyip Shug Monkey
Kraken 6 Lusca Shen
Lusca 6 Megalodon Octopus
Raiju 6 Electric Eel Ramidreju
Behemoth 6 Baku Kutabe
Quetzalcoatl 6 Cockatrice Peacock
Tarasque 6 Kirin Manticore