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A female clone that waits to be spliced

Clones are the primary residents of your Utopia, along with rewarded animals from the Hearts bar.

"Tabula Rasa" is Latin and means: Blank Slate. By splicing a blank clone, you can assign the clone a profession.

Visually all blank clones have a production of 1 cps, but this doesn't come to expression until the clone has a profession and works in an activated building.

Splicing Clones[]

Splicing is a major element of gameplay. As you build residential lots, new clones will appear at the Arrival Center. From there, you can splice a clone to be take on a certain role in the community.

When splicing, two known professions (or genes) can be combined to create a new, unknown profession. It is possible to combine two of the same profession to create something new.

While splicing, the player picks two professions from the various drop-down lists of known professions. An image of both jobs will appear in the splicing screen, with a colored vial in the middle.

Read more about splicing at the Splicing page.


Currently, there are 400 professions in Pixel People. You are in control of creating new professions via splicing at the Arrival Center (see above). Some "Special" professions are randomly unlocked and include the Dreamer, Salesman, Mutant and Explorer professions/genes. These professions cannot be made any other way. A new method of high level special genes has been introduced via the Missions in the Utopia HQ .

Your found professions can be viewed in the gallery by tapping on the "job counter" at the top middle of your screen. You can also view them at the Courthouse.

With the 1.3 update the Gene Pool building now houses the new wave of special genes, once found in missions or appeared randomly.

A list of all professions available in the game can be found here: Professions.


  • Most clones have the same color of brown hair, while only a few like the Oracle (black hair), Astronomer and Philosopher (white hair) do not. This is likely due to the stereotypical appearance of these professions.
  • All clones are lacking a visible mouth in in-game depictions, although they have mouths on the title screen.
  • Newly spliced clones often have amusing names that relate to their profession. Some are parodies or concatenations of famous people in their fields while others are more straightforward puns.