Event Center
Event Center
We had joy and fun
Professions Event Planner
Production multiplier ×1
Lot size 4
Working time 20m
Special effect Seasonal Greetings: Expired events can be triggered again
Building time 48hrs

Event Center is a type of building that was added in the 1.70 update.

"The Event Center was built to document some of Utopia's most enjoyable moments. During its maiden voyage through space, the city has experienced interesting seasonal anomalies. These aberrations have since become reproducible, in case the townsfolk were all in cryo-stasis during the original event. Use the event center to simulate any events that have passed, and party on!"

See also: Events

Special AbilityEdit

At the Event Center the player can unlock past seasonal events at the cost of 25 Utopium.

The 2nd, 3rd, and the 4th option give the opportunity to unlock respectively the Easter Bunny, the Abomination gene, and the Holiday Spirit.

NOTE: To unlock the Abomination gene, you still have to complete the Ghost in the Machine mission.

NOTE: To unlock the Easter Bunny, you still have to complete the Easter Eggs mission.

NOTE: To unlock the Holiday Spirit, you still have to complete the Dear Santa mission.

NOTE: If you already got one or all of the special genes listed above, You cannot activate the seasonal event (anymore) at the Event Center. It'll say: "This event is unlocked".