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Event Planner has been discontinued or removed in the current version of the game.

Event Planner
Fez Tivity
Sally Brayshin
Event PlannerMale.png
Event PlannerFemale.png
A party for shy people is abash
Formula Party Animal + Wedding Planner
Category Administration
Workplaces Event Center

Event Planner is a type of profession.

Required by[]


Combines with[]


Other skins (discontinued)
In old versions of the game, there were multiple versions of a single profession. The difference between these versions was their productivity and their visual/skin. Splicing a clone in the Arrival Center could randomly result in a clone producing 1 cps (coins per second) or 2 or 3 cps. Any images of these 2 cps and 3 cps versions will be displayed here automatically:
2 CPS Male2 CPS Female3 CPS Male3 CPS Female