Pixel People Wiki

Funfair is a type of Event and can only be triggered at the Carnival. This event uses Stockpiled Hearts to temporarily increase your Town Spirit by a certain amount, which increases depending on your level. For example, at level 23, your spirit is increased by 36, and at max level it is increased by 122. Activating Funfair also increases the maximum discount from spirit from 50% to 60% (the amount of spirit needed does not change).

This event uses all of your stockpiled hearts. Maximum possible stockpiled hearts is 1000 hearts.

The ratio of use is

  • 1 heart equals 20 minutes
  • 3 hearts equals 1 hour
  • 72 hearts equals 1 day
  • 1000 hearts equals (approx.) 13 days, 19 hours

Activating the Funfair event is highly recommended if:

  • you're splicing new professions that'll unlock new buildings, this reduces the build time more.
  • you're planning to build residential houses, this also to reduces the build time.
  • new clones will arrive at the Arrival Center.
  • you want to expand your land. (It is only helpful when you expand with coins, while you won't get a discount when you expand with Utopium*).

*Expanding using Utopium is only possible when you have built the Law Firm.

Note that you have to activate this event before the construction of the building starts or before the countdown of a new clone's arrival starts. Only then you have the benefits of this event.