Pixel People Wiki


Hints can be found at the Town Hall. There are 10 hints, which are the following:

  1. Splicing basics: Grey means nothing, pink means brand new and yellow means you've found it before and green is just eww. PS. yellow combos can be reversed!
  2. Love is in the air: our secondary experiments are succeeding, somewhat! Collect enough of these hearts and gain big rewards. Tap and hold a beating heart inside a house until it's ready for collection.
  3. Clues in the machine: Genes that can create brand new discoveries will appear brighter in the gene bank. If you see a dull group or job, it will not be part of any new combinations for the time being.
  4. Land, precious land: (Bottom right corner) It's hard to build a city in the sky, and getting more land to support it will always cost us. Keep an eye on the land watch counter and make sure you upgrade before you go over.
  5. Trouble tapping on buildings?: For easy access, tap on the diamond shaped land <below> the building or structure. This way everything is accessible, no matter how cluttered your town gets.
  6. Money grows on trees: It's true, there's something in the soil that makes the trees work funny. Every few minutes, your trees will spawn something good for you to collect. Plant more!
  7. Look at ma clonez!: Have you been to the gallery? Tap the main job counter on top of your screen to see everything you've found so far!
  8. Explore, explore, explore: There's a lot to discover in this wonderful town we're building, so don't stop exploring. You never know what you might find!
  9. Paths 'n decoration: While roads and waterways help with beautification, decor gives solid bonuses to development!
  10. Occupy everything: Try and fill up your buildings with all the workers they need. This will help your economy greatly. Once you build a Bank, all fully occupied buildings will produce twice as many coins!