Pixel People Wiki
Image Policy


Please add a license when uploading a pictures. If not, your picture will be deleted.

If the picture is a screenshot of Pixel People, it should probably be licensed as


Type {{fairuse}} on the image information page.

Naming Convention

The naming convention for this wiki is simple: the image name should be as the corresponding page name (plus the gender/productivity, if necessary) and ending with ".png".

Eg. Town Hall --> Town_Hall.png

Eg. Mayor Male --> MayorMale.png

Eg. Park Ranger Male with 1cps --> Park_RangerMale.png

Eg. Marching Band Member Female with 2cps --> Marching_Band_Member2Female.png

Eg. Sheriff Female with 3cps --> Sheriff3Female.png

Eg. Tom Cat --> Tom_Cat.png

Eg. Corn Fields --> Corn_Fields.png


When adding a image, please use a relevant name. Eg. Mayor --> Mayor.png, not IMG_12345.png. Misnamed files will be deleted.

Please note that profession images are automatically added to their pages - and only when they're named in the right way. (Examples shown above) The size of the profession images is preferably 122x127 and with a transparent background.

Most of the other images won't be added automatically and thus need to be added manually. Please note that the images of buildings/decor/animals/etc. are also preferably uploaded with a transparent background.

Categorizing Images

Please add appropriate category to an image.

Eg. Category:Building Images

Eg. Category:Profession Images