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Note: This page is corresponds to the old version of the game and is therefore out-of-date. On the contrary, the missions that reward Chroma are only present in the current version of the game.

Missions were added with the Utopia HQ building with the 1.3 update.

Missions have a number of functions and require a wide variety of resources and skills to complete. Possibly the most exciting addition are the missions that open up new special genes for the creation of new Professions and therefore new buildings.

The missions are listed in 3 rows of 2 missions each. The top row is always for missions that gift a new gene as a reward while the lower 2 rows are a random mix, therefore you can only have 2 special gene missions at any one time. The top row contains missions that can only be completed once. All of the other missions can be completed as many times as you desire.

NOTE: In the 1.80 & 1.90 update there were added a few missions that cannot be completed at the Utopia HQ. These 18 missions can be completed at the Museum.

The other 68 missions available include:

Chroma Missions[]

The remastered version of the game introduced Chroma to the game. The primary way to obtain this in-game currency is by completing special missions at the Utopia HQ that reward Chroma. Various missions reward either 40, 100 or 200 Chroma. Below is a list of known missions that can appear, but you might encounter other ones!

Note that land use, coins and cps requirements depend on (respectively) your current Land Use, your current Level and your current Maximum Coins Per Second (cps) rating.

Mission Reward Cost
A Clowder 40 Chroma 9 Cats
Academia 40 Chroma 8 Professions (Philosopher, Mathematician, Scientist, Physicist, Historian, Geologist, Librarian, Geneticist) and land use*
Animal Celebrities 200 Chroma 9 Animals (Penguin, Clownfish, Lion, Reindeer, Squirrel, Mouse, Wild Boar, Tasmanian Devil) and coins*
Animal Handlers 100 Chroma 7 Professions (Matador, Milkmonger, Cattle Rustler, Taxidermist, Shepherd, Ringmaster, Zookeeper), land use* and cps*
Bear Trap 100 Chroma 5 Animals (Sun Bear, Gummy Bear, Polar Bear, Brown Bear, Drop Bear) and land use*
Black & White 100 Chroma 4 Animals (Zebra, Skunk, Panda, Penguin) and 2 Professions (Referee, Federal Agent)
Bless The Rains 200 Chroma 5 Animals (Ostrich, Lion, Mongoose, Gazelle, Kangaroo) and 4 Professions (Zoologist, Park Ranger, Vet, Zookeeper)
Building Block 40 Chroma 5 Professions (Architect, Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Construction Worker, Interior Designer), land use* and coins*
Caring Health 100 Chroma 7 Professions (Pharmacist, Doctor, Nurse, Dentist, Radiologist, Paramedic, Physiotherapist), land use* and cps*
Cold Blooded 200 Chroma 7 Animals (Tortoise, Minotor Lizard, Chameleon, Cold Turkey, Snake, Python, Rattlesnake) and 2 Professions (Zoologist, Farmer)
Creative Assembly 100 Chroma 8 Professions (Calligrapher, Artist, Poet, Ballet Dancer, Game Designer, Choreographer, Actor, Disc Jockey) and land use*
Drunken Fist Planet 200 Chroma 5 Animals (Drunken Monkey, Gorilla, Spider Monkey, Chimpanzee, Orangutan), 3 Professions (Martial Artist, Stunt Double, Director) and coins*
Elementary 40 Chroma 5 Professions (Detective, Doctor, Police Officer, Sheriff, Deputy), coins*, land use* and cps*
Empire States' Monkey 100 Chroma 4 Professions (2 Pilots, Actor, Cameraman), 1 Kobalt Kong, land use* and coins*
Fishing Boat 200 Chroma 4 Professions (Captain, First Mate, Fishmonger, Buccaneer), 1 Macaw, coins* and cps*
Founders' Parade 40 Chroma 5 Professions (Engineer, Sheriff, Architect, Homemaker, Assistant), coins*, cps* and land use*
Grab The Camera! 200 Chroma 7 Animals (Pegasus, Afanc, Loch Ness Monster, Scape Goat, Cthulu, Narwhal, Dragon) and cps*
Grazing And Browsing 100 Chroma 7 Animals (Sheep, Moose, Llama, Zebra, Donkey, Camel, Mousedeer)
Happy Three Friends 100 Chroma 3 Animals (Eurasian Beaver, Rabbit, Squirrel), land use* and cps*
Horsin' Around 100 Chroma 6 Animals (Golden Retriever, Horse, Siamese Cat, Owl, Gecko, Tortoise) and 2 Professions (Actor, Writer)
Ice Age 100 Chroma 6 Animals (Penguin, Squirrel, Moose, Arctic Fox, Harp Seal, Wooly Mammoth) and coins*
In The Desert 100 Chroma 3 Animals (Camel, Turkey, Snake), 1 Archaeologist, land use* and coins*
In The Skies 100 Chroma 7 Professions (Weather Reporter, Flight Attendant, Aerospace Engineer, Astronomer, Flight Controller, Astronaut, Pilot), land use* and cps*
Marked For Life 200 Chroma 8 Animals (Cow, Calico, Giraffe, Cheetah, Hyena, Zebra, French Angelfish, Tiger) and cps*
Market For Greens 100 Chroma 5 Professions (2 Greengrocers, Lawyer, Real Estate Agent, Farmer), coins*, cps* and land use*
Meat Lover 100 Chroma 3 Animals (Panther, Fox, Hyena), 3 Professions (Fishmonger, Cook, Chef) and land use*
Mobile Clinic 100 Chroma 4 Professions (Doctor, Nurse, Sheriff, Deputy), 1 Horse, coins* and cps*
Mythic Interpretation 200 Chroma 5 Professions (Artist, Librarian, Painter, Calligrapher, Art Dealer) and 4 Animals (Feng Huang, Dragon, Oriental Dragon, Phoenix)
National Icons 100 Chroma 5 Animals (Eagle, Gazelle, Mute Swan, Elephant, Giraffe)
Nekozamurai Dojo 40 Chroma 5 Professions (Apprentice, 2 Samurai, Sensei, Martial Artist), 2 Cats and coins*
Off The Boat 200 Chroma 8 Animals (Harp Seal, Manatee, Walrus, Blue Whale, Orca, Sea Lion, Sperm Whale, Octopus) and land use*
One Manifesto More 40 Chroma 5 Professions (2 Writers, Philosopher, Poet, Artist), coins*, cps* and land use*
Our Guardians 40 Chroma 6 Professions (Police Officer, Sheriff, Firefighter, Park Ranger, Deputy, Soldier), 1 Alsatian and coins*
Park Planning 40 Chroma 5 Professions (Gardener, Botanist, Landscaper, Park Ranger, Photographer), land use* and coins*
Possibly Bloodshot 200 Chroma 7 Animals (Bull, Rabbit, Koala, Chupacabra, Hydra, Spider, Dragon), a System Admin and land use*
Pushing Papers 40 Chroma 5 Professions (Civil Servant, Officer, Assistant, Secretary, Insurance Agent), coins*, cps* and land use*
Rammy Awards 40 Chroma 7 Professions (Indie Musician, Rapper, Songwriter, Rockstar, Vocalist, Bassist, Guitarist) and coins*
Response Team 100 Chroma 4 Professions (2Firefighters, Police Officer, Paramedic), 1 Dog, coins* and cps*
Round The Bend 200 Chroma 8 Animals (Mute Swan, Flamingo, Crocodile, Hippopotamus, Eurasian Beaver, Platypus, Electric Eel, Otter) and coins*
Scale-Lability 200 Chroma 7 Animals (Chameleon, Armadillo, Snake, Pangolin, Carp, Rattlesnake, Trout)
Seafood Platter 200 Chroma 4 Animals (White Bass, Stingray, Trout, Snakehead Fish), 3 Professions (Fishmonger, Sushi Chef, Cook) and coins*
Service Above Self 40 Chroma 8 Professions (Firefighter, Hazmat, Soldier, Sheriff, Police Officer, Marine, Lifeguard, Homemaker) and cps*
Stem Pack 40 Chroma 8 Professions (Doctor, Engineer, Vet, Mathematician, Physicist, Scientist, Programmer, Nurse) and coins*
Swimmingly 100 Chroma 3 Animals (French Angelfish, Trout, White Bass), 4 Professions (Olympic Swimmer, Plumber, Fishmonger, Marine Biologist) and land use*
The Brain Is Right 100 Chroma 7 Professions (Choreographer, Actor, Car Designer, Model, Ballet Dancer, Break Dancer, Comic), land use* and cps*
Thunder Thunder 100 Chroma 7 Animals (Tiger, Sabertooth, Lion, 2 Cats, Cheetah, Panther)
To The Glue Factory 200 Chroma 7 Animals (Sheep, Pegasus, Mule Deer, Black Mare, Goat, Llama, Donkey), 1 Centaur and land use*
Town Planning 40 Chroma 5 Professions (Construction Worker, Engineer, Architect, Mechanical Engineer, Assistant), coins*, cps* and land use*
Training 40 Chroma 8 Professions (Martial Artist, Athlete, Olympic Swimmer, Jockey, Coach, Footballer, Animal Trainer, Cheerleader) and cps*
Two Great Showmen 100 Chroma 2 Professions (Animal Trainer, Magician), 4 Animals (Zebra, Lion, Parrot, Donkey) and land use*
Utopian Chef Star 200 Chroma 7 Animals (Duck, Pig, Cow, Chicken, Pigeon, Turkey, Snail), Food Critic and cps*
Utopian Troopers 100 Chroma 4 Soldiers, 1 Spider, coins* and cps*
Uwe Raw 40 Chroma 7 Professions (2 Boxers, 2 Sports Fans, Referee, 2 Wrestlers) and coins*
Valley Under Stars 40 Chroma 4 Professions (Gardener, Farmer, Mailman, Wizard), 1 Black Mare, coins* and land use*
Walk In The Wild 100 Chroma 5 Animals (Wolf, Wild Boar, Raccoon, Fox, Otter), 3 Professions (2 Tribals, Castaway) and coins*
Wolf Of Bank Street 100 Chroma 5 Professions (Secretary, Accountant, Mathematician, Investor, Investment Banker), 1 Wolf, coins* and cps*
Wrecking Ball 100 Chroma 8 Professions (Investment Banker, Industrialist, Construction Worker, Interior Designer, Landscaper, Architect, Park Ranger, Painter) and land use*

Special Missions[]

Mission Cost Reward
Obedience School n/a Guru Gene
Ice and Fire 20u Jack Frost Gene
Wonderland 20u Musician Gene
Beast of Burden 30u Strongman Gene
Party Animals 5u Socialite Gene
Gastronomy 25u Foodie Gene
Team Names 20u Sports Star Gene
Easter Eggs 25u Easter Bunny Gene
Ghost in the Machine n/a Abomination Gene
Mostly Harmless 25u Hitch Hiker Gene
Dear Santa n/a Holiday Spirit Gene
Old Time's Sake 25u Crusader Gene
Happy Ever After 25u Fairy Godmother Gene
A Forest Station 25u Amazon Gene
Fowl Play 25u Soccer Referee Gene
Mardi Grass 25u Parader Gene
Highly Specialized 20u Chemist, Hazmat, Investment Banker, Mime and Optometrist unlocked
Brute Force 20u Surfer, Butcher, Hockey Player, Sports Fan and Lumberjack unlocked
Where's my H2O? 50u Fencer, Lawn Gnome, Punk Rocker, Mariachi and Rockstar unlocked
Fast and Furriest 25u 5 new combos unlocked
The Plot Thickens 30u 10 new combos unlocked 
Baker's Dozen n/a

13 new combos unlocked

Skinny Genes 25u Hipster Gene
Renaissance Fare 25u Role Player Gene
A Utopian Romance 25u Romantic Gene

Coin Missions[]

Coin mission rewards vary based on expansion level.

Mission Cost Reward
Anymals 9 animals of any kind 1 - 5 mil
Mammal Mia 9 mammals 1 - 5 mil
Fool's Gold 9 randomly chosen professions 1 - 5 mil
I Caught A Zoo 8 animals of any kind, Zookeeper 1 - 5 mil
Fur Fathers 9 mammals 1 - 5 mil
Wild Child 8 wild animals, Party Animal 1 - 5 mil
Small World 9 small animals 8 - 20 mil
Snow Business 5 snowy animals, Figure Skater, Skier, Mountain Climber, Ice Fisher 8 - 20 mil
See Food 7 aquatic animals, Fishmonger, Sushi Chef 16 - 30 mil
Mythical Dilemma 6 animals of any kind, 2 mythical animals, Cryptozoologist 18 - 30 mil
Quick Buck 8 fast animals, 5u 11 - 50 mil
Monkey Business 6 primate animals, Industrialist, Investor, 10u 35 - 150 mil


Mission Cost Reward
Two Timing 6 common¹ animals, 3 uncommon² animals 2u
Threes Company 7 common¹ animals, 2 rare³ animals 2u
Tier Auf Tier 3 common¹ animals, 3 uncommon² animals, 3 rare³ animals 2u
One Four All 8 common¹ animals, 1 super rare⁴ animal 2u
Couples and Pets 3 animals of any kind, 6 randomly chosen professions 2u
Cold Water 6 aquatic animals, 3 snowy animals 3u
Food Fight 8 carnivores, 1 tasty animal 3u
Nine Lives 9 cats 3u
High Five 6 common¹ animals, 3 ultra rare⁵ animals 3u
Food Chain 3 herbivores, 3 omnivores, 3 carnivores 3u
Have You Heard? 9 birds 3u
Menagerie 1 bear, big cat, bird, cat, dog, reptile and an aquatic, a farm and a primate animal 4u
All Four One 8 super rare⁴ animals, Chameleon 4u
Good Boy Peach 6 dogs, Alsatian, Police Officer, Lawyer 6u
Best Laid Plants 2 reptiles, 1 Mouse, Landscaper, Gardener, Botanist, Farmer, Greengrocer, Florist 6u
Bear Trap 8 bears, Ninja 6u

The numbers 1 to 5 behind the rarities indicate the tier they correspond to.


Mission Cost Reward
Kung-fu Lesson 25u, 30 mil, Panda, 6 randomly chosen professions* 2Mu
Goldblum 50u, 120 mil, 1 [[::Category:Insect|Bug]], 1 Animal of any kind, Geneticist 6Mu
Science and Magic 100u, 3 [[::Category:Primate|Primates]], 3 [[::Category:Mythical|Mythical]] animals, Wizard, Scientist 10Mu

*Money and utopium requirements may depend on the expansion level.


Mission Cost Reward Type
Barbeque 5u, 5 mil, 5 tasty animals, Dragon, Cook Manor of Speaking (2p) Residence
Taking Sides 5u, 20 mil, 1 animal of any kind, 6 randomly chosen professions Manor of Speaking (2p) Residence
In the Jungle 5u, 5 mil, 5 wild animals, 1 Lion, Cameraman Silver Plaza (2s) Decor
Thunder Thunder 10u, 20 mil, 7 big cats Gold Plaza (3s) Decor
Great Interiors 4Mu, 60 mil, 3 pets, Tiger, Zebra, Stag, Interior Designer Glass House (6p) Residence
Petting Zoo 5Mu, 60 mil, 4 farm animals, Camel, Llama, Rabbit Astroglass Plaza (6s) Decor
Pool Party 20u, 30 mil, 5 aquatic animals, Octopus, Swimsuit Model Precarious Heights (4p) Residence
Central Perch 9 arboreal animals Tree Plaza (1s) Decor
Branching Out 30 mil, 8 arboreal animals Astroglass Tree Tree
Old MacDonald 8 farm animals, Farmer Bronze Plaza (1s) Decor
En Passant 5u, 8 animals of any kind Chess Park (1s) Decor
Bone Identity 9 dogs Dog Park (1s) Decor
Shadow Council 8 Secret animals, 1 Rocket Cat Ministry of Hope Building
Cradle of Life 1 Secret animal, 3 birds, 2 mammal, 3 aquatic animals Gravity Garden (6s) Decor

*Please note that some requirements depend on the expansion level and that some depend on the progress in the game (Mu).

Halloween Special[]

Mission Cost Reward
Fangorn Forest 66 candies, 3 mil Petrified Forest
Toil and Trouble 24 candies, 4u, 1 Bat Fountain of Gory (2s)
Cauldron Bubble 6 Animals of any kind, 5u, 40 candies, 1 mil Pumpkin Patch (2s)
Boil and Bake 117 candies I Scream Van (2s)
Double Double 42 candies, 1 Arboreal animal, 3u Abandoned Camp (2s)
Freeze It Over 36 candies, 5u, 1 Snowy animal, 1 mil Hot Spot¹ (2s)

¹In version 1.60 the reward was a Pumpkin Patch. This was fixed in the 1.61 update.

Winter Special[]

Mission Cost Reward
Ever Green 8 Reindeer, 1 Arboreal Snowy Tree
Bear Bones 4 Reindeer, 4 Bears, 5u Icy Tree
I Knew It 8 Reindeer, 5u Residential Igloo (2p)
Peach On Earth 8 Reindeer, 1 Yeti Everlasting Peach (6s)

Museum Missions[]

The 1.80 update added a new ability to the Museum. Now there are 9 missions that can only be completed at the Museum. When completed, you will have 9 parts of the First Wonder. These missions are the following:

Mission Requires Reward
1. Seed Funding Industrialist, 10-800mil (depends on level) Part 1
2. Excavators Assemble! Historian, Cameraman, Construction Worker, 6 Strong animals Part 2
3. Mine or Tomb? Photographer, Architect, Interior Designer, 30u Part 3
4. Lara's Theme Doctor, Archaeologist, Gamer, 6 Big Cats Part 4
5. Gold Rush Miner, Investor, Lawyer, 25u, 15-1000mil (depends on level) Part 5
6. Temple of Boom Camel, Sun Priest, Grave Digger, Hermit, Llama, Camel, Wild animal, 20-300mil (depends on level), 25u Part 6
7. Artifact or Fiction? 2 Donkeys, 2 Unicorns, 50u, Real Estate Agent, Forensic Scientist, Preacher Part 7
8. A Promise Of Love Gummy Bear, Drop Bear, Parrot, Arboreal animal, Sphinx, Time Traveller, Paleontologist, Secret Agent, 50u Part 8
9. Final Problem 100u, 10-800mil (depends on level), Nessie, Sphinx, Wedding Singer, Detective, Tree Hugger Part 9

The 1.90 update added a second set of missions to the Museum. When completed, you will have all 9 parts of the Second Wonder. These missions are the following:

Mission Requires Reward
1. The Cup of Life Politician, 10-800mil (depends on level). Part 1
2. Futbol Picante 3 Fast animals, 3 Wild animals, Athlete, Martial Artist, 1u Part 2
3. Viva Italia Chef, Artist, 31u Part 3
4. American Soccer 3 Strong animals, 3 Tasty animals, Cheerleader, Coach, 1u Part 4
5. French Connection Baker, Winemaker, 26u, 10-800mil (depends on level) Part 5
6. Seoul Survivors 2 Cats, 1 Big Cat, 1 Dragon, Ninja, Samurai, 26u, 10-300mil (depends on level) Part 6
7. Die Mannschaft Chicken, Zebra, Alsatian, Tabby Cat, Car Designer, Physicist, 51u Part 7
8. Waka Waka Elephant, Zebra, Parrot, 2 Wild animals, Park Ranger, Freedom Fighter, 51u Part 8
9. Ole Ola Crocodile, Snake, Samba Dancer, Soccer Fan, 101u, 10-800mil (depends on level) Part 9

The 1.93 update added the Third Wonder to the game. This wonder consists of 4 parts surrounded by water.

Mission Requires Reward
1. ? ? Part 1
2. What Lies Beneath 6 Aquatic animals, Conspiracy Theorist, 50u Part 2
3. Facelift Mechanical Engineer, Makeup Artist, 31u Part 3
4. Easter Comes Early Rabbit, Mouse, Toucan, Preacher, Tribal, 100u, 600mil (depends on level) Part 4

Mission Notes[]

Missions might require you to demonstrate the splicing pair that creates a certain profession, this does not require a blank clone or indeed make the spliced clone.

Missions that consume an animal will deduct the indicated amount for the animal shown but it will not remove the animal from your collection of found animals so feel free to spend those ultra rares on getting the rewards.

Mission specific animals[]

Some missions require specific animals. Try and save these animals for these missions: