"Mutopium is a unique resource created by mutating the organic nature of utopium. It is extremely valuable and can only be harvested (easily) from visiting other mayor's towns, or by completing extremely difficult missions."

Mutopium is unlocked when building the altar. Mutopium can be used for several things and has high value. A single Mutopium can be bought at the shop for 25u. Mutopium can also be traded once unlocked. At the Pet Store a new option is unlocked giving you the ability to exchange Mutopium.

Gained from:Edit

  • The shop
    • 25 Utopium can be exchanged for 1 Mutopium

Friend Visit Mutopium

  • Friend visits
    • When collecting gifts from friends you could randomly be awarded 1 mu.
  • Friend Trades
    • You can exchange animals and Mutopium for one another.
  • Missions:
Mission Cost Reward
Kung-fu Lesson 25u + 28 mil 2Mu
Goldblum 50u + 56 mil 6Mu
Science and Magic 100u 10Mu

Used for:Edit

Altar Mutation
  • Increasing productivity at the Altar*
    • Mutate clone from 1cps to 2cps costs 1 Mu
    • Mutate clone from 2cps to 3cps costs 2 Mu

* An alternate method for getting 3cps-professions, is to keep splicing the same clone over and over. Eventually you'll get the collector's edition (see Special Delivery). If you calculate that 2 Mutopium (that is needed to gain a 3cps-profession from a 2cps-profession) can be bought for 50u, while it takes only 1u to send a clone back to the mothership, you can try for at least 50 times before you reach the point that both methods are equally expensive.

Version 1.94 (latest version) on iOS contains a useful bug, where you can always return a(n unwanted) clone to the mothership, regardless of the amount of utopium you have. This means that you can return clones to the mothership for free when you have no utopium!

** You are sometimes given the option to buyout a mission using Mutopium. This way you can complete the mission without meeting the necessary requirements.

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