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Spirit is a statistic provided by Decor. It provides discounts on Expansion Costs and reduces the arrival time for new clones and the build time for construction projects.

The Spirit System[]

Since Update 1.3, the amount of Spirit required to achieve the maximum discount scales down with the player's level. Unlike the expansion costs, the required amount of Spirit for a maximum discount doesn't stop scaling after a certain level. The maximum needed Spirit at a 75% discount, will increase with every level up. The maximum required spirit (with 1010 land) will be 924 spirit required for the full 50% discount.

This way players will continually need to add decors as they level up, if they still want to make use of the benefits at a 50% discount.

Spirit Watch[]

Spirit Watch.png

The Spirit Watch works the same as the Land Watch, but now it counts your current accumulated Spirit - generated by Decor - and shows the Spirit needed for a maximum discount (50.0%). Each level up scales up the required Spirit. However, you can have a current Spirit level above the level required for a 75% discount. This does not increase your discount by more than 75% but will give you a buffer the next time you expand.

Note: In the ??? Update, this feature was removed.                                                                                           When the Funfair event is activated, the player receives a temporary Spirit bonus which will also bump the maximum amount of discount up to 60%. The Spirit bonus and the maximum discount of 60%, will only last while the event is active. It can be activated at the Carnival.

The appearance of the Spirit Watch frame is orange with the same arrows as the Land Watch, but with an additional blue arrow facing upwards. It is recommended to keep your Spirit level as close to the maximum Spirit as possible. This way you'll have a higher discounts on your expansion costs, construction times, and arrival times.

The button appears above the Land Watch and to the right of the Live Newsfeed. Though, it has to be turned on first at the Funeral Parlor.