Pixel People Wiki

A list of things that need to be done on the wiki.

Feel free to add suggestions on the talk page so they can be discussed and checked for popularity.


As most of you already know, this wiki is full of content of the old version of the game that was released in 2014. The current version, the remastered version released in 2019, has some differences with the old game. Therefore, all pages need to be checked if they are still up-to-date. If you checked a page, feel free to add the category Category:Pages updated to remastered version to that page.


  • Add the new {{Professionbox}} and {{Professionskins}} templates to all profession pages. See the Police Officer page for the new looks!
  • Some categories like Creative 1, 2 and 3 have been removed from the game, while new categories like Resident and Services have arised. Update this for all professions. Update: Since the ProfessionList is now up-to-date, copy and paste the info from there!
  • Update the ProfessionList table, so all 399 professions with their formulae and workplaces are correct. This table should neither include professions that are removed from the game, like The Invisible Clone (See ProfessionListDisc), nor Category:Special characters that only appear on pages 0 and 1 in the gallery. Done.
  • For some of the new professions, pages are still missing. Create the pages, add images (see Image Policy) and provide all of the information.
  • Check if all profession have complete lists of Required by and Combines with professions.
  • Some professions have been removed from the game, like the special gene Parader and the Easter Bunny. Add {{Disc}} on the top of these pages. Add all of these pages to a new table to display on the Professions page.
  • You can reupload images of professions if the current image is either missing, doesn't have a transparant background, is not in the desired resolution (each "pixel" contains of 36 pixels) or when the dimensions are nowhere near 122*127. Don't forget to license and categorize your images. See the Image Policy for more information.


  • A new Buildingbox template should be made to match the layout of the new Professionbox.
  • Some new buildings or decor do not have their own pages yet. Create them and add visuals and information!
  • The List:Buildings page is fairly complex and not up-to-date. In addition, the table takes into account both clones with a productivity of 3 cps and the activation of the Bumper Season. In the current version of the game, there is no Bumper Season and all clones have a productivity of 1 cps. This needs to be fixed. It should be discussed whether the List: prefix should remain, or that all should be transfered to a single Buildings page.
  • Some buildings and decor have been removed from the game, like the Parade Float. Add the discontinuation disclaimer {{Disc}} to the top of these pages, so readers understand that the building is no longer obtainable in-game.
  • Discussion: should new visuals of buildings (theme sets) be added to the page of that building? And if yes, is the infobox the right location for that?


  • A new Animalbox template should be made to match the layout of the new Professionbox.
  • All animals can be spliced at the Altar. Their recipes should be added to their pages.
  • The Animals (Current) and Animals (Legacy) should be combined and moved to the Animals page. (Sounds like admin work).
  • The list of animals on the Animals (Current) page is incomplete, add more information if you can!
  • A lot of animals are newly introduced to the game and require their own page.
  • The rarity of existing animals need to be updated (see the comments why).
  • Some animals have been removed from the game, like Santa's Reindeer. Add the discontinuation disclaimer {{Disc}} to the top of these pages.
  • There are new Missions! Add them to the lists on the Missions page. Create their pages if you have a nice screenshot of the mission.
  • Some missions are discontinued, so they need the discontinuation disclaimer.

Game Mechanics[]

  • Check all game mechanic pages (top navigation bar -> PIXEL PEOPLE -> Game Mechanics). All of these pages need an update. When you updated a page, add the category Category:Pages updated to remastered version to that page. Some, like Mutopium have been discontinued and should contain the {{Disc}} disclaimer.
  • Add a page for the Astroglass Channel (can be accessed via the TV Station). Add a list of obtainable decor and residential buildings.
  • There are theme sets! A page should be created and the available theme sets should be listed (table) and displayed (images).