A list of things that need to be done on the wiki.

Feel free to add suggestions on the talk page so they can be discussed and checked for popularity.

Professions Edit

  • Add all images for both male/female professions. (In progress)
  • Convert the Current profession infobox to the Pixelbox template. Completed
    • When done, change the "required by" list to only be the direct relations. (In progress)
    • Remove the Requires section, since this is just a duplicate of the formula. (In progress)
  • Professions with missing splice time.
    • When adding Splice Times, take into account the discount you have with spirit.
  • Make sure professions have both a Male AND Female name. Completed


  • When adding a name, don't forget to remove it from the missing male/female name category. (You do this by removing the page from the category, on the right of the edit page).
  • If you add a profession page to the wiki and you don't know the male/female name (or both), don't put like three dots or a question mark there. Otherwise the page won't be automatically added to the missing male/female name category.
  • Please try not to create a "combines with" section, if there are no "required by" professions, this'll keep the page clear.

Buildings Edit

  • Check the buildings page on missing professions.


  • Upload building images with no background (for the newer buildings).
  • When adding build times, take into account the spirit discount you have.

Animals/missions Edit

  • Give all decors an own page.
  • Add all Reindeer to the wiki and place them in the Category:Reindeer. (Completed)
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