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  • X37X37

    Achievements table

    October 12, 2013 by X37X37

    Page Image Title Description Reward Category Extra information
    Founding Fathers Discover(ed) all jobs on the Mayor's page 1u Professions 1st page

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  • X37X37


    September 16, 2013 by X37X37

    I'm planning to do something with a table or so at the Arrival Center where viewers can see which "button color" means what.


    Image Description
    If you choose two professions to combine at the Arrival Center and this button shows up, the two professions do not combine. Though, the formula could result in a secret gene, which has to be unlocked first by completing particular missions at the Utopia HQ.
    When this button appears, the two professions you chose have are a combination, but you have already spliced/discovered it. Pressing the button anyway results in a (wished or unwished) clone with the spliced job. The splicing when pressed this button takes 10 seconds.
    When you see a green button, you have found a …

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