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Utopia HQ
Utopia HQ.png
Mission Control
Professions Politician, Civil Servant, Officer
Production multiplier ×3
Lot size 4
Working time 20m
Special effect Missions are unlocked
Building time 1m

Utopia HQ is a type of building.

"Utopia Corp's mission control was set up to closely monitor the stranger discoveries being made in towns. Samples are periodically collected and beamed up, to fuel cutting edge research at the Mothership. Architects designed the building to consist of 4 towers, each representing one core value of the Corporation. NOTE: Mayors are warned that all animals, utopium, and coins committed to missions will be permanently taken away in exchange for rewards. Some rewards can be bought out using Utopium."

NOTE: despite the description saying that some missions can be bought out, this is actually not the case.

Special Ability[]

Mission Pods 3 Colors.png

This building allows you to build Mission Pods to complete Missions. There are six slots in the Utopia HQ and the top two slots will produce a blue mission pod, the middle two will produce red mission pods and the bottom two slots will produce an orange mission pod. The blue mission pods usually contain missions that unlock special genes or unlock profession recipes, while the other two colors will usually contain mission that reward 40, 100 or 200 Chroma.

Most of the missions require clones and/or animals to complete the mission. After you build the mission pod for that mission you will have to splice the professions in the Arrival Center. Note that there must be job vacancy in mission pods and the clone must be linked to the mission. See the article Splicing for more info. After the mission pod is built, the animals can be selected by tapping on them.

When you delete a mission pod, the pod will be removed from your city, but is still available in the Utopia HQ. The color of the mission card will turn light blue and all spliced mission clones will be discarded. Coins, Chroma or Utopium will not be subtracted from your total amount.

Mission Pod built > Mission Pod not built

Daily, you get 4 free resfreshes. The missions that will appear after refreshing depend on the active Season. For Chroma missions it appears to be random, but the top two mission slots will show missions linked to the active Season. After using up all daily free refreshes, additional refreshes can be made at the cost of 1 Utopium each. When you complete a mission while having free refreshes left, the game automatically uses a refresh for you. When you complete a mission while having used up all your free refreshes that day, no new mission will appear, unless you either refresh it manually at the cost of 1 Utopium, or wait until you get new refreshes next day. You cannot refresh a mission when you've built the mission pod. You need to delete the pod prior to be able to refresh the mission.

Mission Pod Launch with flying debris

When you complete a mission, by pressing complete on the mission screen, a countdown of 5 seconds will start. After that, the hatch of the pod closes and the pod will generate thrust, creating dust clouds. Then, the pod will move upwards while scattering the astroglass floor it launches from. The previously occupied space will now be empty and available for you. The mission pod will fly into space with all clones, animals, Coins, Chroma and Utopium it required. With other words, the animals you send away will be subtracted from your the list of available Animals and required Coins/Utopium/Chroma will be subtracted from your total.


  • Version 1.5 of the old discontinued game introduced the option to buy out missions using Mutopium, if unlocked.
  • The remastered version of the game removed the option to buy out missions completely.
  • The remastered version also added the new mission game mechanics. Ever since, missions can only be completed by launching mission pods into the sky.
  • The remastered version removed all missions that reward Animals, Utopium and Coins. Instead, missions to unlock Special genes and profession recipes remain in play and added many new mission that reward the player with Chroma.