Utopia HQ
Utopia HQ
Mission Control
Professions Politician, Civil Servant, Officer
Production multiplier ×3
Lot size 4
Working time 10m
Special effect Missions are unlocked
Building time 1m

Utopia HQ is a type of building.

"Utopia Corp's mission control was set up to closely monitor the stranger discoveries being made in towns. Samples are periodically collected and beamed up, to fuel cutting edge research at the Mothership. Architects designed the building to consist of 4 towers, each representing one core value of the Corporation. NOTE: Mayors are warned that all animals, utopium, and coins committed to missions will be permanetly taken away in exchange for rewards. Some rewards can be bought out using Utopium."

NOTE: since the 1.5 update some missions can only be bought out with Mutopium, if unlocked.

Special AbilityEdit

This building allows you to complete Missions that award Utopium or Coins or unlock new Special or Secret Genes.

Most of the missions require animals to complete the mission. When you apply to it, the listed animals will be used. For instance, when you have 1 Dragon and you use it to complete the Barbeque mission, you'll end up with 0 Dragons, but they are still listed in your animal list, and can still be seen in your city.

Some missions (also) require professions. To complete the mission, you have to remember the profession formula and show the formula to apply for the mission. This does not 'use' a clone or profession.

Some missions also require amounts of Coins and Utopium in addition to the animals or profession formulas in order to complete.