Utopium is the deluxe currency in Pixel People and is therefore more difficult to find. However, it has many uses that are separate from those of coins.

You can get daily Utopium from the Utopium Mine.

Utopium is depicted as a pink liquid.

How to Get UtopiumEdit

Utopium can be found in-game through the following methods:

  • Daily harvest at the Utopium Mine (1u, 2u or, when upgraded to the Newtopium Mine, 10u)
  • Tree areas (random chance, 25u max daily, can be extended to 50u at the Lumber Mill)
  • Friends' tree areas (low random chance, 5 trees per friend per day, no known daily limit)
  • Telephone Company Engage button (0u, 1u, or 2u daily)
  • Reward for Achievements (at the Police Station, one time per earned achievement)
  • Most-Wanted list (at the Sheriff's Office, 4u randomly hidden, one time only)
  • Heart "Special Delivery" reward (low random chance of 2u, 5u, or 10u)
  • Arcade (2u, 5u, or 10u, low random chance, 1 free try daily, after that coin cost scales with level, caps at 10mil)
  • Leveling up (1u - 2u dependent on level)
  • Watching Videos, Surveys, 3rd party offers (at the TV Station)
  • Utopia HQ (2u - 6u for completing certain missions, requires animals in stock)

Some of these methods are one-time rewards of utopium. Continual sources of in-game utopium include the Missions, Trees, and Hearts, which have varying chances of rewarding the player with the deluxe currency.


Utopium can also be purchased for real-world money by clicking the plus symbol at the top left of the screen. Current rates are:

  • 50 Utopium = $1.99 or €1,79
  • 250 Utopium = $7.99 or €6,99
  • 1000 Utopium = $24.99 or € 21,99

If the event 'Black Market' is triggered, the player gets additional money when purchasing utopium.

VIP Spins at the CasinoEdit

You can also use the VIP spin at the Casino. For $0.99 (or €0,89) you can spin to win:

  • 25u (1:3 chance of winning)
  • 35u (1:3)
  • 50u (1:5)
  • 80u (1:10)
  • 250u (1:33)
  • 500u (1:100)
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